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Printing and lithography firm in Munich.

Located at at Theresienstraße 75, Munich, the company described itself as "graphic artwork company for book printing, lithography, offset, and music printing, [with] book binding [and] type-setting machines" (e.g. OC 54/148: letterhead).

Mandruck and Schenker

Mandruck undertook the letterpress work for Das Meisterwerk in der Musik volume 2, with Drei Masken Verlag of Munich as the publisher, and Waldheim-Eberle of Vienna as the music engraver.

Correspondence with Schenker

Twelve items of correspondence between Schenker and Mandruck survive. Of these, eleven from Mandruck (including items from Mandruck to Drei Masken Verlag forwarded by the latter to Schenker), and spanning May 3 to August 17, 1927, survive as OC 54/148, 150, 159, 162, 170, 171, 174, 176, 178, 181, 184 (often enclosing proofs or returned original materials); and one postal receipt for a package from Schenker to Mandruck survives as OC 54/173, June 13, 1927.


  • Ian Bent

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