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Austrian pianist; pupil of Schenker's between October 1922 and May 1925.

Siegfried Fritz Müller was a nephew of Friedrich Buxbaum (principal cellist of the Vienna Philharmonic, State Opera, and cellist of the Rosé String Quartet: diary: October 9, 1922), and son of Professor Paul Müller. He had his first lesson with Schenker on October 12, 1922. Schenker thought well enough of him to recommend him for a position on July 18, 1923. The lessonbook for 1923/24 records no lessons, but in the 1924/25 season he resumed instruction, taking twelve lessons between April 8 and May 2, 1925, during which he worked on several compositions by Chopin, including the B minor Sonata, and also the Brahms Paganini Variations ‒ this is anticipated in Schenker's diary for September 23, 1924: "he will definitely come in the spring to work through a set program," and the lessons are commented on in Schenker's 1925 diary.

Müller gave solo recitals and evidently did some conducting. He subscribed to three copies of Schenker's Der Tonwille, and evidently taught his pupils from it. He appears frequently in Schenker's diary, though in view of the common last name it is not always clear whether it is he who is referred to.


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