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Klammerth and Schenker

In April 1919, Klammerth advertised summer accommodation at his castle, Schloß Tantalier, Altenmarkt (Salzburg region): In the castle, in Pongau (Salzburg), ten minutes from the train station, magnificent, protected location, eight simply furnished single or connected rooms are for rent over the summer. Milk at the house, board included, bathing facilities available. Inquiries to the Advertizing Department of this paper at 'Tauern 24817'.
(Neue Freie Presse, Nr. 19622, 10. April 1919, Morgenblatt, S. 19.)

Schenker responded to this advertisement, and he and Jeanette Kornfeld stayed at Schloß Tantalier from July 6 to September 12, 1919 (OJ 2/14, pp. 2095 and 2140-2141). The castle, its surrounding, and the food and accommodation, are vividly described by Jeanette in OJ 6/6, [9], July 15, 1919. (Federhofer is incorrect in stating that the arrangement was at the invitation of Klammerth.)

While there, they became acquainted with Klammerth's nephew, who subsequently became a pupil of Schenker's for two seasons, 1919/20 and 1920/21.

No correspondence is known to exist between Schenker and Klammerth snr.


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  • Marko Deisinger

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