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Eminent Austrian music critic, conservative in outlook; Hanslick's successor at the Neue Freie Presse , where he wielded considerable influence between 1902 and 1934 as a writer of reviews and front-page feuilletons. He was father of the composer, Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

Julius Korngold and Schenker

In 1906, Schenker included Korngold in the list of recipients of a complimentary copy of his Harmonielehre (CA 56, 58, 60). In 1912, he wrote of a campaign by the pianists Godowsky, Rosenthal, and Leschetiztky against Korngold's criticisms, this campaign being related to the body that Schenker himself tried to set up, the "Organization of Creative and Performing Artists".

Schenker once included him disparagingly among the "ranks of those noble hermeneuticists" (OJ 15/34, [3], January 14, 1918). As a regular reader of the Neue Freie Presse, Schenker often commented in his diary and in correspondence, usually acidly, on Korngold's pronouncements. Federhofer remarks that Schenker "was against music journalism ... He knew [some of] its Viennese representatives, such as Max Graf and Robert Hirschfeld, personally, others, such as Julius Korngold, against whom he repeatedly expressed negative opinions, only from their newpaper articles and reviews." (p. 358).

One calling card from Julius Korngold to Schenker (1902) survives as OJ 12/19.


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  • Marko Deisinger and Ian Bent

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