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Secretary to the Archive of Photographs of Musical Manuscripts (Photogrammarchiv) at the Austrian National Library in the 1930s.

His letters, postcards, and calling cards to Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker are preserved as OJ 12/24 (1931-39: 10 items), and OC 30/64 and 119, OC 44/1, and OC A/293 (all 1934: 4 items), many of the letters under the letterhead of the "Meisterarchiv" (Master Archive), i. e. the Photogrammarchiv. Kromer and his wife kept in contact with Jeanette after Heinrich's death by writing and visiting until at least 1939.

Kromer's father, who was a major in the military reserve, and who died November 6, 1934, had the same name (OC 44/1).

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