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Wife of Schenker's pupil Hans Weisse.

Little is known about Hertha Weisse. From correspondence between Jeanette Schenker and her, it is clear that she was a skilled seamstress. Hans and she married in the summer of 1921 (OJ 15/16, [45]).

Hans and Hertha Weisse had two daughters, Susanna (b 1928) and Monika (b 1930). The family emigrated to the USA in 1931, and when Hans died in February 1940, by which time (according to Jackson) he had been separated from Hertha for six months, Hertha continued to live at 34 West 73rd Street, New York, and brought the two girls up while studying dress design in New York, becoming a successful dress designer.

Correspondence with the Schenkers

In addition to items of correspondence written jointly by Hans and Hertha Weisse to the Schenkers, there survive eight items from Hertha alone: three postcards: OJ 15/15, [12] (May 20, 1922), [32] (Sept 28, 1928), [62] (Nov 16, 1931); and five letters: OJ 15/16, [83] (Nov 5, 1931), [84] (Feb 9, 1932), [85] (May 26, 1932), [89] (Feb 15, 1933), [96] (Feb 21, 1935). Correspondence from Jeanette to Hertha is recorded in Schenker's diary but is not known to survive.


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