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Austrian writer and journalist, in charge of the cultural section of the Viennese weekly Die Zeit , to which Schenker contributed music criticism between September 1895 and September 1896.

On a trip to Vienna in 1891, Bahr had met Hugo von Hofmannsthal, whose writing and enthusiasm convinced him to resettle there and to dedicate himself to fostering new trends in literature and the arts in the city. Bahr became a central figure in the informal Jung-Wien circle of writers, and later an outspoken supporter of the Vienna Secession. He held an extremely progressive aesthetic of continual artistic revolution against existing styles, for which view Maximilian Harden dubbed him the "Man of The-Day-After-Tomorrow" ("der Mann von Übermorgen").

Correspondence between Schenker and Bahr is preserved at OJ 9/10a (1895).

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