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Pupil of Schenker.

Miss Trude Kaff appears in Schenker's earliest lessonbook (1912/13), the first recorded lesson taking place on January 25, 1912, lessons continuing until May 1919. She does not appear in Schenker's diary before 1912, but does so for some years thereafter. In January 1919 she requested to transfer from Schenker to Moriz Rosenthal, but she continued with Schenker for a further four months.

She was from Brünn (Brno) in Moravia. Schenker found her mother (her parents paid her fees), who called on or wrote to him about her daughter, troublesome.

Correspondence with Schenker

One letter survives from Kaff to Schenker, OC 30/40, December 31, 1932 (to which OC 30/41 is an incomplete draft reply), sending New Year's wishes and speaking in glowing terms of her lessons long ago with Schenker.


  • Ian Bent and Marko Deisinger

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