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Viennese music publisher and sheet music retailer, k. k. Hof-Musikalienhandlung (Imperial and Royal Court Sheet Music Retailer), founded in 1873. The company published, among other things, the fourth and seventh symphonies, and the string quintet, of Bruckner.

In 1920, Gutmann was acquired by Universal Edition together with its catalogue. It acted as nominal publisher for Schenker's Der Tonwille (1921–24) under the imprint of "Tonwille-Flugblätterverlag", later "Tonwille-Verlag," as a cover for UE.

The company had two addresses: Vienna I, Opernhaus, and Leipzig, Karlstraße 10.


  • NGDM2 (2007) and online
  • 25 Jahre Neue Musik: Jahrbuch 1926 der Universal-Edition, ed. H. Heinsheimer & P. Stefan (Vienna: UE, 1926)

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