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Romanian musicologist and archivist working in Vienna.

Career Summary

Mandyczewski studied at Vienna University taking courses with Hanslick and Nottebohm, became a friend of Brahms, and was archivist of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde 1887-1927. He also taught music history and organology at the Vienna Conservatory (= Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst) 1894-1924, and was on the administration there. He was a member of the Brahms circle. His name is particularly associated with the Schubert collected edition, to which he contributed the ten volumes of Lieder; he was also joint editor of the Brahms collected edition, and contributed three volumes to the Haydn collected edition.

Mandyczewski and Schenker

As a frequent user of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Archive, Schenker encountered Mandyczewski regularly. In 1908, Mandyczewski requested a complimentary copy of Schenker's Harmonielehre (OJ 1/7, p. 94). In 1912, he proposed Schenker's name as a speaker in a forthcoming lecture series promoted by the Gesellschaft (OJ 11/22, [2]). During his preparation of Die letzten fünf Sonaten von Beethoven, Schenker sought Mandyczewski's assistance in locating autograph manuscripts and early editions of the late Beethoven sonatas, for which Schenker expressed his thanks in print, e.g. in Op. 109: "I am especially gratefully indebted to Prof. E. Mandyczewski (Vienna), who not only pointed me to the whereabouts of the autograph manuscript, but also very kindly placed the above-mentioned notes by Nottebohm at my disposal." (p. 25)

Correspondence with Schenker

Correspondence from Mandyczewski to Schenker survives as OJ 12/49 (1898-1928: 11 items), one letter from Otto Erich Deutsch to Mandyczewski, Schenker, and others as OC 52/486 (1922), one postcard from Mandyczewski to Moriz Violin as OJ 70/25 (1899), and he was a signatory to the letter regretting the resignation of Moriz Violin from the Vienna Akademie, OJ 70/59 (1912).


  • NGDM2 (2001 and online)
  • Tittel, Ernst, Die Wiener Musikhochschule (Vienna: Lafite, 1967)

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