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Town in Bohemia, 120 km (68 miles) north of Prague, at the confluence of the Biela and Elbe rivers, now part of the Czech Republic.

Jenny Schiff (by first marriage: Kornfeld; by second marriage: Schenker) was born in Aussig, and remained there through most of her first marriage, to Emil Kornfeld, from 1893 to 1910. During the period 1910–19, her petition for separation, and her tax affairs, were conducted through Aussig and Leitmeritz, as reported in Schenker's diaries.

Emil Kornfeld had his company, trading in petroleum, oil and grease, in Aussig, and his two sons, Erich and Felix were born and grew up in Aussig, and it is probable that Heinrich Schenker visited the family there in the years between c.1893 and 1910.

  • Ian Bent

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