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Baker, also specializing in goods for diabetic sufferers, located at Naglergasse 13. (The Naglergasse is a narrow street running between Freyung and the Graben.). Lehmann's street directory for 1934 has the entry: Fritz, August, Baker, I, Naglerg[asse] 13.E tel. 63.317. A painting of the Naglergasse with the bakery in the foreground by Richard Pokorny exists. It shows the wording over the shop as "Bäckerei August Fritz" ("Fritz August Bakery") and "Diabetiker Waren Zukerkranke" ("Diabetic Wares [for] Diabetics").

August Fritz Bakery and Schenker

Schenker being himself diabetic, there are many references to this bakery in his diary. Typical examples are: "At Fritz's, chocolate (8 shillings)" (March 26, 1926), "The bread fetched from Fritz's ‒ everything settled up" (Feb 22, 1926), "After teatime, at Fritz's (nibbles for 11.40 shillings)" (April 11, 1927), "von Fritz Diät-Dessert" (July 11, 1928), "Schmidt drives us to Fritz in the Naglergasse, then home." (Sept 9, 1934). -- Schenker even had items dispatched by Fritz to his summer residence in Galtür (Aug 15, 1928).


  • Adolph Lehmann's Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger nebst Handels- und Gewerbe-Adreßbuch für die Bundeshauptstadt Wien [Vienna street directory]


  • Iby-Jolande Varga and Ian Bent

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