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Editor of the newspaper Der Morgen since 1910, who wrote under the nom de plume "Alpheus"; also author of the book Morgendämmerung: Bilder aus dem Wien das war, das ist und das wir schaffen wollen [Daybreak: Images from the Vienna that was, that is, and that we would like to create] (Vienna: Wiener Bücherei, 1915), and editor of Der Abend. Husband of Schenker's piano pupil, Toni Colbert. He had the status of Imperial Chamber Counsellor (Kammerrath).

Schenker tells an amusing tale of a conversation with Colbert in which he jotted down Schenker's views for use in a future feuilleton for his paper (OJ 2/5, p. 509: January 15, 1914).

There are nine letters from the Colberts to Schenker (OJ 9/30: 1912-20) and two from Schenker to Carl Colbert (OC 1/B, 13 (1916) and 15 (1912)).

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