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The series, in which the core of Schenker's theories is enshrined, began life in the commisioning publishing house of J. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger of Stuttgart, in which I and II/1 were published. Universal Edition of Vienna took over the residual stocks of those two volumes in February 1921, producing new editions of I and II/1 in that same month and then proceeding to publish the remaining two volumes as they became available.

At an earlier stage in his career, Schenker envisioned II/1, II/2, and III all as a single volume entitled Kontrapunkt. Around 1907-09, Schenker planned a volume entitled Niedergang der Kompositionskunst [Decline of the Art of Composition] as vol. III, but that work was not published in Schenker's lifetime.

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