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Austrian leading industrialist, brother of Schenker’s pupil and patron Mrs. Sofie Deutsch. Mendl bore the title of Kammerrat (Chamber Counsellor).

Fritz and Heinrich Mendl, brothers, founded Ankerbrot (=Anchor Bread, its symbol being the anchor), the “Viennese Bread and Pastry Factory,” in the 10th district of Vienna in 1891; by 1914 this company had 1,300 employees, by 1920 2,000 employees and 100 branches.

Mendl and Schenker

Schenker knew Fritz Mendl through his sister Mrs. Sofie Deutsch, who was a pupil of Schenker's from c.1902 to her death in 1917. Mendl is first mentioned in Schenker's diary on December 21, 1906 (as "an excellent, clever person"). Schenker encountered him frequently when at Mrs. Deutsch's house, or when eating with her at the coffee house, and he was occasionally a guest at the house of Mendl and his wife.

Correspondence with Schenker

There is one letter from Mendl to Schenker, informing him of the provisions that Mrs. Deutsch had made for him in her will (OJ 12/52, January 12, 1917); Mendl is cited also in a disclaimer that Schenker subsequently signed (OJ 14/40[b], December 27, 1918). He is mentioned also in letters between Schenker and the attorneys Siegfried Türkel and Hugo Friedmann.

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