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  • League of Nations
  • Völkerbund


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  • OJ 14/45, [71] Handwritten letter from Moriz Violin to Schenker, dated July 18, 1928

    Owing to a "complete breakdown," Violin is recovering at a sanatorium in Schierke, from where he writes. In response to Schenker's previous postcard, Violin had written more than once to Prof. [Fritz?] Stein for the return of the manuscript of a Handel arrangement by Schenker, and he will chase him up in August. A pupil of his, Harry Hahn, has taken upon himself to lecture on Schenker's theories at the local society of composers; for this he has prepared classroom-size enlargements of voice-leading graphs of a Bach prelude and a Schubert waltz, and has proved a surprisingly competent and persuasive speaker.