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German periodical for poetry, theater, music, the fine arts and applied art, published between 1887 and 1937.

Founded in 1887 in Dresden (Verlag Kunstwart) by Ferdinand Avenarius, Der Kunstwart was taken over in 1894 by Verlag Callwey of Munich, which published it until its discontinuation in 1937. Its editors were Ferdinand Avenarius (1887‒1923), Wolfgang Schumann (1924‒25), and Hermann Rinn (1926‒37).

The periodical was popular with, and influential upon the lives of, the middle classes, with its particular concerns regarding cultural education and conditions of life. At its peak in 1904, it had 22,000 subscribers. In 1937, it was absorbed into the periodical Das Innere Reich.

Its subtitle changed many times. In the period 1926 to 1928 it was Deutscher Dienst am Geiste, and from 1928 to 1932 Monatshefte für Kunst, Literatur und Leben. As from October 1932, the periodical's title changed to Deutsche Zeitschrift in order to achieve a broader readership (OJ 13/25, [28]), its subtitle becoming Monatshefte für eine deutsche Volkskultur (1932 to 1937). The journal had struggled with circulation through the mid-1930s.

Der Kunstwart and Schenker

Schenker contributed six articles to the journal:

  • "Eine Rettung der klassischen Musik-Texte: Das Archiv für Photogramme in der National-Bibliothek, Wien," 42 (March 1929), 359‒67 [concerning the Minuet from the Schubert Piano Sonata in G, Op. 78 (D. 894)]
  • "Gedanken über Kultur, Kunst und Musik," 44 (Jan 1931), 222‒30 [excerpted from the “Vermischtes” of the three Meisterwerk yearbooks]
  • "Ein verschollener Brief von Mozart und das Geheimnis seines Schaffens," 44 (July 1931), 660‒66
  • "Eine Anzeige und eine Selbstanzeige," 46 (Dec 1932), 194‒96
  • "Erinnerung an Brahms," 46 (May 1933), 475‒82 [written for the centenary of Brahms's birth]
  • "Vom Unterschied zwischen der italienischen und der deutschen Musik," 47 (August 1934), 700‒703
  • Copies of all six are preserved in OJ 20/10.

Schenker canceled his subscription upon hearing of the change of title in October 1934, and sought to withdraw an article already submitted (OJ 13/25, [28]). But he seems to have gone back on the latter, if not also the former.


Schenker and the journal's editor, Hermann Rinn, conducted extensive correspondence: from Rinn to Schenker, 39 letters, 5 postcards, and one printed notice, covering 1927 to 1935 (OJ 13/25); from Schenker to Rinn one postcard, on draft letter, and 12 postal receipts, covering 1930 to 1932 (OJ 5/32).


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  • Ian Bent

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