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Conductor and writer on music. Born in Vienna; pupil of Schenker's.

Career Summary

Bamberger embarked on study of music and philosophy at the University of Vienna, but abandoned this in 1924 to take up the position of assistant conductor at the Danzig opera house (1924-27), from where he moved to the Darmstadt Landestheater (1927-30), thereafter to Russia (1931-35). In 1936, he married the violinist Lotte (Marie Charlotte) Hammerschlag, who studied with Felix Salzer in the newly founded Schenker-Institut at the Neues Wiener Konservatorium in 1935/36.

Bamberger emigrated to the USA in 1937, where he became director of the orchestral and opera departments of the David Mannes Music School, New York, from 1938 or 1939 (among others, Carl Schachter studied conducting with him there). His wife was professor of chamber music at the Mannes School, and his sister, Gerty Bamberger, who had also studied with Salzer at the Neues Wiener Konservatorium in 1935/36, and who was later to become the second wife of Viktor Zuckerkandl, taught ear-training there. Bamberger established himself as a conductor in the USA and Canada, and was also a notable photographer.

Bamberger and Schenker

Bamberger studied with Schenker for four years, from Fall 1920 to June 1924, undertaking courses of study in counterpoint (1920/21) and thoroughbass (1921/22), and working analytically mostly on the orchestral repertory, also studying piano.

Correspondence with Schenker

Letters from Bamberger to Schenker exist in OJ 9/12 (1924-27: eight letters) and OC 44/13, A/287, 297 (1934: 3 items).


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