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Sister of Schenker's lifelong friend Moriz Violin.

Fanny was the daughter of Karl and Juli Genovefa Violin. Of her six siblings, several died in childhood; the only two who lived into adulthood were Moriz and Eduard. Fanny remained unmarried and may have lived partly with Eduard at Vienna VI, Stumpergasse 65, and partly with Moriz's family at Vienna XIII, Sechshauserstrasse 126.

Moriz wrote from San Francisco toward the end of World War II: "I must go on living long enough to find out whether my poor sister in the Theresienstadt concentration camp is still alive or not" (letter to Schoenberg, LC ASC 27/45, [30], April 5, 1945). In reality she was transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz, and perished there in May 1944.

Correspondence between Fanny Violin and the Schenkers

Correspondence between Fanny and the Schenkers survives as OJ 14/46 (1914-38: 10 items) and one item from Moriz to Fanny as OC 38/340 (1933). Letters from her nephew Karl and niece Genovefa (children of Moriz and Valerie Violin) are filed with these items. No photographs seem to survive among those of her brother in OJ 72/23.


  • Ian Bent

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