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Heinrich Schenker’s general medical practitioner (Medizinalrat) from at least as early as September 1906 (OJ 1/5, p. 21). The address of his medical practice was Vienna III, Ungargasse 71, very close to Schenker's apartment in the Reisnerstraße. It was Frühmann who on April 6, 1914 diagnosed Schenker’s diabetes (OJ 2/5, p. 549).

One letter is known to survive from Frühmann to Schenker, from 1931 (OJ 11/13).


  • Adolph Lehmann's Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger nebst Handels- und Gewerbe-Adreßbuch für die Bundeshauptstadt Wien (Vienna 1921/22)

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