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Acquaintance (perhaps relation) of the Schenkers who in the immediately postwar period, 1918-19, supplied the Schenkers with foodstuffs, tobacco, and spirits. Her husband was Albin Bednař (snr), and the couple had three sons: Oberleutnant (First Lieutenant) Ludwig Bednař, Hauptmann (Captain) Albin Bednař, and Heini Bednař (still a boy in 1919). She was unhappy with her husband and was planning in 1923 to get a divorce .

The Schenkers and Bednař's were on familiar ("du") terms by April 1919, and the two families evidently had a very cordial relationship, visiting each other regularly. The Bednařs were also acquainted with Schenker's brother, Wilhelm, and sister, Sophie Guttmann, and it is possible that Wilhelm's wife Dodi was a member of the Bednař family, perhaps the sister either of Jetty or of Albin (snr), in which case a family relationship would have existed between the Bednařs and Heinrich Schenker.


  • Marko Deisinger

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