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Austrian biographer, bibliographer, art historian, and musicologist.

Career Summary

Deutsch studied history of literature and art at the Universities of Vienna and Graz, and worked as an art critic 1908-09. He served in the Austrian Army during World War I, worked for a time in the book trade, and became music librarian to the private collector and musicologist Anthony van Hoboken (1926-35). His first major work was his documentary biography of Schubert. In 1928, he was given the title of Professor for his services to the centenary of Schubert's death. Deutsch left Vienna in 1939 for England, becoming a British citizen in 1947, but returning to Vienna in 1952. While in England, he co-authored the standard catalogue of Schubert's works, and made important contributions to music bibliography. Thereafter, he applied the principles of the documentary biography to Handel (1955) and Mozart (1961).

Deutsch and Schenker

Deutsch and Schenker shared a belief in the ability of original documents to speak for themselves, as is exemplified by the former's volume on the original editions of Schubert's Goethe songs (1926), his facsimile of Schubert's diary (1928), and his edition of Mozart's early self-catalog (1956), as well as the transcriptions in his documentary biographies.

Deutsch was the general editor of a series of "connoisseur prints" published by Universal Edition, to which Schenker contributed a facsimile edition of Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata (1921) with reproductions of three sketches, and a Foreword (contract OC 52/238).

The earliest document linking Deutsch and Schenker is a press announcement by the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, dated September 15, 1912, announcing a series of public lectures, the list of speakers including both men (OJ 11/22, [4]). First reference to Otto Erich Deutsch in Schenker's diary appears to occur on February 24, 1913, when after attending a lecture by Schenker's pupil Mrs. Sofie Deutsch--no relation to Otto Erich--Heinrich and Jeanette (Kornfeld) spent the evening in company with Sofie and Otto Erich (OJ 1/12, p. 316). Thereafter, Schenker met him not infrequently at the houses of Sofie Deutsch and her brother Fritz Mendl (e.g. OJ 1/12, p. 327; 1/13, p. 473; 1/14, p. 527).

Correspondence with Schenker

The Schenkers' correspondence with Deutsch and his wife Hanna, of which the earliest items date from 1913, continued to 1939. There are approximately 300 known items of correspondence, surviving in Vienna (WSLB), New York (in OC Files 12, 18, 24, 39, 44, 50, 54, and A), Riverside, California (OJ 5/9; 10/3), Berkeley, California (BerkAE, [4]), and in private hands. Between 1927 and 1932, Deutsch was involved in some intermediary capacity (including handling proof-corrections) with the publication by Drei Masken Verlag, Munich, of Schenker's Das Meisterwerk in der Musik, and this accounts for the bulk of their written communications.

Many offprints and clippings of articles by Deutsch are preserved among Schenker's papers, including several on Schenker's desk at the time of his death (OC 30).

Bibliography (to 1951 only):

  • Franz Schubert: Die Dokumente seines Lebens und Schaffens, II/1 Die Dokumente seines Lebens (Munich: G. Müller, 1914), III Sein Leben in Bildern (ibidem, 1913); Eng. trans. Schubert: A Documentary Biography (London: Dent, 1946)
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  • with D. R. Wakeling, Schubert: A Thematic Catalogue of All his Works in Chronological Order (London: Dent, 1951)


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